• AI Campus

    A new place to think, do, and learn AI, at the heart of Brussels.


    Focus : "AI Black Belt" training, a progressive, hands-on, deep learning program.

    Start easily with Yellow Belt, then progress through levels of increasing involvement.

  • Don't miss the AI train!

    AI is probably one of the technological changes that will have the biggest impact on society.

    Yet, companies are too slow to fully understand and seize the opportunities presented by Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI.

    Come and experience it firsthand.

  • A progressive training program,

    for managers and developers

    Easiest way to get into AI | hands-on | practical | validated

    Work with code

    (even non coders)

    It will be hands-on!

    Even in Yellow and Orange Belt, designed for non-coders, you will see code running in a Jupyter environment.

    You will be able to change parameters, and understand in some technical detail, really how AI works under the hood;

    Vendor-neutral, yet


    Most of the environments and tools that we use are open source, to offer the most freedom.
    However, we intend also to enable learners to work with industry-standard environments in the cloud.

  • Starting in Early 2019 at BeCentral

    Reserve your seat!

    Yellow Belt

    3 x 3 hours

    Orange Belt

    Every Friday for a month

    Green Belt

    10 days over 2 months